Reusable Regular Glass Cup (Ruby Wine)(354ml)- Joco

Reusable Regular Glass Cup (Ruby Wine)(354ml)- Joco


These reusable glass cups are a regular size (12oz, 354ml). They replace single use coffee cups that cannot be recycled; helping reduce waste being sent to landfill. Many coffee shops will give you a 50c refund for BYO coffee cup, so it’s good to ask at your local coffee shop to see if this is an option.


  • Anti-splash ergonomic design

  • Nose dome, room for the nose- head-tilt-free drinking

  • Thermal silicone sleeve

  • Standard barista sizing

  • Artisan blown

  • Specialty- double shot cappuccino, flat white, juice, tea


  • Precisely formulated borosilicate glass

  • Thermal shock resistant

  • Artisan blown

Lid & Sleeve:

  • Precisely formulated, medical grade silicone

  • 100% plastic-free

  • Certified non-toxic

  • Non-porous and antibacterial

  • Stain and odour resistant


  • Waist width 86mm

  • Base width 59mm

  • Height (without lid) 110mm

  • Overall height (with lid) 135mm

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