Nut Milk Bag- Ever Eco

Nut Milk Bag- Ever Eco


The nut milk bags are the perfect solution to making your own fresh nut milk (and more!) and reducing the amount of Tetra Paks going to landfill. They have an easy to use u-shaped design with rounded bottom and no corners and wide 30cm opening, making straining & cleaning easy! They’re crafted from hygienic food-grade BPA free nylon. The ultra fine mesh creates smooth, pulp-free nut milk. The bags can also be used for seed milk, sprouting, cashew cheese, cold brew coffee, straining juice/kefir and more.

Care instructions: after each use, turn bag inside out and wash in warm water with a drop of dish liquid, then hang to dry.

Each box has easy almond milk recipe on the back. I hope you’ll become as addicted to me at making delicious creamy almond milk!

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