Bulk Food Bag Medium (Aqua)- Onya

Bulk Food Bag Medium (Aqua)- Onya


The medium bag is 35cm long x 15cm wide plus has a 8.5cm gusset.

These 100% recyclable & sustainable bags are ideal when buying food in bulk and avoiding having to cart around heavy jars. Avoiding purchasing packaged foods is one of the best things you can do when trying to live a zero waste life.

It’s not recommended to store food in these bags as bags are not airtight. Instead, use them to cart to the shop and back home and then re-fill your jars/containers. You can place nuts, seeds, grains, flours etc. in them but not suitable for liquids.

They’re made of recycled PET drinking bottles that are BPA free.

Each bag features the tare weight (empty bag weight) in both ounces/ grams and they have a clear window in them so you can see the contents of bag. You can also write on the window (using a whiteboard marker or coloured wax pencil) what’s inside the bag or the code of the item to help when checking out at shop or distinguishing items at home.

Bags can be washed in warm water then dried in the shade.

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