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2 ingredients- citrus peel and vinegar.

Citrus peel has a chemical within it called D-limonene which along with the vinegar help make most surfaces clean, even greasy stove tops.

TO MAKE: Fill up a large jar (we reused a coffee jar) with citrus peels and vinegar and as you use more citrus fruits, you can add more peel; topping up with vinegar if needed (making sure peel is covered) then put the lid on jar. Don’t put the flesh of fruit in there, only the peel. Ideally, let the jar sit in a dark place for approx. 6 weeks before using but as I said you can fill up as you go.

Toxic free. Repurposing a jar. Using citrus peels instead of throwing in bin.

  • OVEN CLEANER: mix ¼ cup bicarb soda with 1tsp of citrus peel vinegar cleaner into a paste. Use a cloth to apply paste to oven. Let it sit for at least 1hr (best overnight), then wipe off with water. Remember to leave the oven door open until it’s dry.

  • FLOOR CLEANER: This easy to make, toxic free floor cleaner that is safe for babies/animals is incredible. Mix up half a cup of your citrus peel vinegar with approx. 4L of hot water in your bucket.  For a refreshing smell add a drop of eucalyptus oil. Mop away. Can use plain white vinegar too.

  • TOILET CLEANER: spray the toilet with citrus peel vinegar cleaner. Can sprinkle bicarb soda over for extra oomph. Let it sit for at least 1hr. Rinse with water (can add a few drops of an essential oil to make it smell pretty i.e. lavender oil which has antibacterial properties). The tougher the stain, the longer you should let it sit. Emptying the bowl of water and pouring some vinegar into bowl and leaving overnight before scrubbing can help rid the toughest stains.

  • AIR FRESHENER: In a spray bottle (reusing an old one if possible), mix 1tsp vinegar with 1 cup of cold water. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil i.e. lavender or eucalyptus. Ready to use straight away =D

All inspiration from Erin Rhoads book Waste Not