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I’m Clea, the owner of EARTHLOVER; an Australian owned and operated online business selling AUS/NZ products. These products are mostly plastic free. My aim is to offer consumers products that can be reused, composted or easily recycled and products that aren’t toxic to their health and well-being.

EARTHLOVER will only sell products that have been ethically sourced and created and cruelty free. There will be no palm oil in the products. EARTHLOVER believes the only way to look after our future is to be a part of a circular economy.  

I have always worked in the health/medical industry and so many problems I see everyday could be avoided by choosing a different pathway. A pathway with low/zero waste created. This is the pathway I have chosen and with it comes many health benefits due to choosing homemade foods over packaged foods, homemade remedies or toxic free products over poorly packaged toxic cosmetics and cleaners and reusables over plastic single-use items.

When starting to live a zero waste life you are overwhelmed by how much waste is produced in all aspects of your life. From work, to travel and social outings. I hope this online store can provide you with products that can help you leave the smallest possible footprint on this beautiful earth; Looking after our precious Australian ecosystem. I also hope that each of you can help others make better choices. There is still hope. There is still good outweighing the bad. There are still more earthlovers (whether they know it or not). Lets be ahead of the times and not fall behind. Let us BE THE CHANGE.