Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil


A pungent lemony herbaceous essential oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil is great for the skin, body and mind.

Skin & Hair: Reduces the appearance of pores. Great for use on oily acne skin conditions. Note: Use with caution as can sensitise some skins.

Body: May assist in the recovery from sore throats, laryngitis and fever. It is helpful with colitis, indigestion and gastro-enteritis. Tones the muscles, helps muscle pains by making the muscle supple. Also helpful in correcting poor circulation.

Wellbeing: Perfect in times of fatigue. Stimulating and helps revive and energise. Useful in helping jetlag and clearing the head.

Blends with: Basil, Bergamot, Ginger, Lavender, Lemon, Cedarwood, Geranium, Petitgrain, Rosemary, Tea Tree.

Ingredients: cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) oil.

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